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3:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
500+ Instructor Hours of Teaching
5 Average Years of Experience
Extensive Alumni Network
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Who we are

For those who aren’t developers, programming can seem like magic. For us at WTA, it still is. From the first time we got a 5-line program to print our name on a screen, programming has been a magical journey of creation.

Cheesy, right? But it’s no exaggeration. And for us, nothing beats helping students experience the rush that comes from watching their programs come to life. While we thoroughly cover all the technical concepts students need to learn, we also strive to help students experience the magic of creation on a regular basis.

We believe that once students have had this experience enough times, nothing will stop them from reaching their potential, even after our course.

In order to help students develop both craftsmanship and passion, we try to maintain student-teacher ratios of less than 5:1 so our mentors and instructors can focus on helping individual students one-on-one and giving them the personalized level of mentorship they need to progress.

We care about our work

Our team is made up of professional computer programmers from various backgrounds. We hire dedicated individuals who are passionate about technology and education. We like to have a good time at World Tech Academy, so we also look for people who like to have fun and make the classes enjoyable!

We do not require our instructors to be formally educated in Computer Science or even to have X many years in industry — we value real skill above paper qualifications. We also expect our instructors to be good teachers (surprise!).

We require our instructors to have extensive experience in the latest versions of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as some experience in back end technologies, including a database. Competence in AngularJS and jQuery is also expected. As part of our interview process, potential instructors will be given a take-home project to complete, as well as a supervised teaching experience.

Most of our open positions are hourly or part-time, requiring availability in the evenings. To learn about our available positions and to apply, click the button below and fill out the form. We are excited to have you on our team!

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Do I have to pay all of the tuition up front?

We require a down payment at the time of enrollment. While we prefer an upfront payment of the remaining balance on the first day of class, we offer flexible payment options on a case-by-case basis. During our first class, each student will have a one-on-one meeting with an instructor to customize a payment plan. We try to make our courses as affordable as possible. If you have any questions about payment or tuition, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do what we can to help resolve your concerns.

Do you offer scholarships, group rates, or financing?

We do offer reduced tuition scholarships for women, as well as group rates on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, we have partnered with *WeFinance to obtain P2P (peer-to-peer) loans for our students. Based on financial need, many people in Utah & Nevada (as well as select other states) are eligible to receive full funding for an extended version of our flagship Front End Web Development course through our partner *Navanas. Any questions about how to get access to these programs feel free to contact us and our dedicated staff can help you with every step of the process.
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What kind of computer do I need?

While we do not recommend any specific model, we do recommend using a personal laptop that is no more than 5 years old, has a decent running speed, and can maintain a stable connection to a wireless internet network. We will help guide you through installing any software required for the class.

What is your refund policy?

We are sure you will love the class, but we understand that things sometimes happen. If you withdraw before the end of the first week of class, you are entitled to receive a full refund of tuition paid, except for the non-refundable down payment. If you are not able to continue the class after the first week grace period, you will receive a prorated refund based on the number of classes that have occurred, excluding your down payment. We want to make sure we are fair to our students, so talk to us about any concerns and we can work with you!

What kind of certification do I get upon graduating from your program?

Upon graduating, you will earn a Certificate of Completion. However, the most important proof of your skills will be your github portfolio, where you will upload all the projects you create throughout the course. This portfolio will be viewable by any future employer and will allow them to quickly determine your competence. In other words, you’re writing your own certification throughout the entire course.

How do you help students prepare for job placement?

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for work as a modern web developer. As a result, our curriculum is constantly being updated and improved to reflect current industry standards. Demand for the skills we teach is sufficient that students who successfully complete our course should have little trouble obtaining entry-level work. However, if a student would like help searching for job openings, networking, or preparing for technical interviews, our instructors and mentors are always thrilled to help.

Are there any prerequisites to the classes?

We accept students of all skill levels with a computer. However, upon enrollment, students in our Front-End Web Development course receive pre-req assignments that generally take a total beginner about 2 weeks to finish. Completion of these pre-req assignments before class is ESSENTIAL for a student’s success.

Do I use my own computer or do you provide one?

You provide your own computer. This is to keep the cost of the class down and so you can use the same computer to work on assignments from home. If you need help acquiring a computer, contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

What’s the Student-Teacher ratio at WTA?

For hands-on courses like our Front End Web Development course, we recognize that the subject material is difficult and that one-on-one time with a mentor is fundamental to the student’s success. Because of this, we try to maintain better than a 5:1 Student-Teacher ratio in each classroom. Additionally, if students get stuck on a problem outside of class, they’re welcome to connect with our instructors through chat.

What are classes like at WTA?

At WTA, we believe that the traditional classroom is broken. Traditionally, students listen to a teacher talk for an hour and then go home and try to apply the concepts discussed by the teacher. If even one small concept is missed or misunderstood during lecture, the student is left flailing without the tools to complete the homework. Such a student is now behind and frustrated and will be lucky if weekly office hours are conveniently timed. In contrast, we have a fully “flipped” classroom. In other words, we do not spend our class time on lectures and note taking. Instead, lectures are pre-recorded and interspersed with exercises to immediately apply principles learned, as well as answers and explanations for each problem in case students get stuck. This is an interactive learning experience that allows students to come to class already having a basic understanding of the material. After completing these lectures and exercises, students come to class to apply the same principles in projects under the mentorship of our instructors. This experience-based learning process makes better use of the student’s time and allows WTA instructors to be mentors teaching a craft instead of lecturers reading a power point.

What will I get out of a WTA Course?

A student graduating from one of our courses should leave with the following:

  • New, empowering skills
  • A GitHub account filled with meaningful projects to showcase the student’s new skills
  • Confidence in his or her ability to design and build solutions to real world problems
  • An increased capacity to quickly teach oneself difficult concepts
  • A passion for technology and creating innovative problem-solving
  • Certificate of Completion

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