How It Works

Whether you want to become a professional web developer, make your own sites for your business, or simply expand your skill set, our personalized approach to teaching web development will help you achieve your goals.

While we believe most anyone can learn to code, it requires dedication and time. To become a web developer, you must learn several languages and libraries, master many abstract programming concepts, learn how to design solutions and understand how the browser thinks. That’s a lot! That’s why, instead of teaching a short, full-time intensive, we have decided to spread our Front End Web Development course over 18 weeks at about 14 hours a week. This allows students more time to digest and truly master new concepts. Some students, according to their previous experience and current time commitments, may complete the course in more or less time than the standard 18 weeks.
Let's Get Started

1. Research the Course

What do you want to build? Our courses are perfect for beginners and amatures. Whether you are graphic designer who wants to learn web development or a plumber looking to change career paths, we have the class for you!

2. Plan your pace to success!

Are you as busy as us? Learning to code requires dedication and time. In order to be successful in our courses you need to dedicate many hours a week in class and in out of class practice. We know you are busy so we have made our Course Advisors available before you sign up to help you plan your time to be successful. We can accommodate for all different types of schedules. Contact an advisor today and we will help you customize your schedule to fit our class into your busy life!

3. Get Paired Up

Paired programming is an improved way of programming that is being adopted by many companies to improve software development. Studies have shown that working with a partner enhances technical skills and improves team communication; two qualities needed by employers.

Welcome to World Tech Academy

Get ready to create your opportunity!

4. Get Started

The first step in getting started is to simply apply! If you have questions, please feel free to look at our 'FAQs', and contact us if those don’t resolve your concerns. Or contact us anyway — we’d love to talk.

After you apply we will contact you to discuss your application and your particular goals.

Build Your Portfolio

Walk away from class with a versatile portfolio to showcase your work online! Share with your professional and personal circles.

Get an Internship or Job

Ultimately your future is up to you, but we will help to get you there by connecting you to opportunities to hone your new skills at an Internship or Job.