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Video Game Summer Camp


Don't spend your Summer just playing Video Games, come learn to build your own! Design and build your own custom video games to play, share, and even sell!

Camp enrollment open now for 2017

Summer Camp Itinerary

Weekly Coding Principles Taught: if/then conditional statements, loops (for & while), variables (local, object, & global), fle structure, & Code Organization.

  • Day 1: Introduction to VGSC, Intro to Coding, Download/Setup Game Maker Studio, Code Along: Block Maze Runner
  • Day 2: Sprites, Rooms, Objects, Movement
  • Day 3: Game Build #1: TBD

Weekly Coding Principles Taught: Debugging/Problem Solving, DRY code

  • Day 4: Code Along: Platform Game
  • Day 5: Enemy Sprites, Collisions, Game Physics
  • Day 6: Game Build #2: Mario Clone

Weekly Coding Principles Taught: Game states, Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance (Child/Parent).

  • Day 7: Code Along
  • Day 8: Attack State, Idle State, Walk State, Run State, Hurt state, moving between states
  • Day 9: Game Build: Isometric Game
  • Day 10: Work on Capstone Game Project
  • Day 11: Work on Capstone Game Project
  • Day 12: Work on Capstone Game Project
  • Saturday Week 4:
    • Saturday Code Day: Students come in Saturday morning to get help with any part of their unfinished Capstone Game in preparation for Arcade Night
    • Arcade Night: Students invite friends and family to Arcade Night, a night to show off their games and let others play them. All students will have their various games on display for everyone to play. A night of fun where students will receive awards, their certificate of completion, eat pizza, and play video games

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At Video Game Summer Camp we teach kids how to build their own custom video games. In our line of work we have seen how passionate kids can be about Technology and Video Games so we decided to start This Summer Camp to channel that passion into a productive and rewarding experience for kids. In a very fun and interactive environment we teach kids how to code their very own custom games using a principles of computer programming that can apply to other coding problems and provides a foundation for a pursuit of learning about technology. After last summer most of our students went on to continue developing their passion of building games and learning to code by joining after school programs and continuing in some of our other classes. By the end of the Summer Camp each student will have built many games that they can share with their friends and family!

Students use critical thinking and problem solving to create a working game they can play and share with their friends, and even sell to make some money! Don't let the idea of programming scare you off though, it is a very fun, engaging, and non-threatening environment to learn to code. Since we use Video Games to teach computer programming, most kids are having too much fun to let the challenging parts stop them!

Here at World Tech Academy we teach more than just code. We foster a passion for creating and being excellent. Our students get hired at top companies and also pursue educations in tech at many great Universities!

Students Learn To Build Games on Game Maker


We teach how to build video games using a popular platform called Game Maker. Game Maker's goal is to make game development accessible to everyone by taking away the barriers to getting started. Their platform uses an intuitive ‘Drag and Drop’ development environment in which students can have a game up and running in their first class!

Although it has a drag and drop component for beginners (which we start with) we mainly help students get used to using Game Maker’s built-in language (GML), which helps them learn to program as they go and not jump in at the deep end of coding right away. GML uses similar programming logic and syntax to most major development languages and is an intuitive way to begin learning to code. Our Instructors tell me it is very similar to JavaScript syntax.

GML is a great jumping off point for students interested in continuing to learn to code in other disciplines such as Web Development, Software Development and Application Development.

Game Maker is a great Platform that we love for a number of reasons:

  • Game Maker is great for beginners all the way up to experts.
  • Professional games are built on Game Maker, so students can use it as their skills grow and create really professional games
  • Game Maker is free for Students to continue using after the Camp is over.
  • Students can share and sell their games on the Game Maker Marketplace, online, or on Steam
For an idea of what students can build on Game Maker, check out this video from YoYo Games, the maker of Game Maker:



Discounts Available for:

  • Groups: If you plan on enrolling more than one student each student receives a 10% discount on the Camp. Save some money by inviting your kid's friends to enroll at the same time or by enrolling 2 of your video game loving kids!
  • Girls: As Part of Google's "Get Girls Into Coding" Initiative, we offer a 20% discount for any girl wanting to come to the Summer Camp.
  • Foster Kids: World Tech Academy will sponser 1 foster Kid every session to join the Summer Camp for 100% free!

*Only one discount can be used for each student. The largest possible discount will automatically be applied to qualifyiing students at time of payment.

We generally look for students 12 and older but we accept exceptional 10 and 11 year olds as well. Some of the content can be a little challenging so we try and find students in an appropriate age group, that being said we have had 10 and 11 year olds be very successful in the class!

Location of Summer Camp: Our Summer Camp is hosted by Weave at Thanksgiving Point:

3401 N Thanksgiving Way #400 Lehi, UT 84043

We have 15 spots available for each Camp. In order to save a seat in any of the Monthly Camps just contact us and we can help get your child registered!

No previous computer experience required to enroll. Students must have access to a laptop of some kind that they can bring to class to build their games on. (if your child does not have access to a laptop let us know, we do have a few computers available for use upon request. Also, for more information on what type of laptop we recommend please let us know and we can advise which ones work well for this type of video game and other computer programming)

All of our instructors and other staff members have passed a background check and have experience working with kids and teens. There is a trained emergency medical person on our staff that is certified to help in any emergency.

Have additional questions about Video Game Summer Camp?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this course! Contact us with your questions. Also ask us about our other courses!

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Course Details:

  • Length of Course: 4 Weeks
  • Classes held Tuesday-Thursday each week, times TBA
  • Cost: $399.00 Discounts Available for Groups, Girls, Foster Kids, & early Sign-ups, see FAQ > Price section below for more details.

2017 Summer Camp Dates TBD

Limited spots avilable. Reserve your spot by Signing Up TODAY!

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